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Liane Pinel – The Spirit Within

Liane Pinel – The Spirit Within

Liane Pinel wasn’t always an entrepreneur. She spent many years in the corporate world, working hard for others. Eventually though, it became clear that the corporate environment was not designed for single moms. This realization prompted her to take a leap of faith – to create a business that would unite like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration and autonomy while nurturing personal passions. The outcome? The Spirit Within, a metaphysical business cooperative now with three locations, and ambitious plans for more.

After achieving success in her hometown of Airdrie, Liane made the decision to expand into Drumheller. She found the perfect commercial property and met with an encouraging landlord who eventually introduced her to Michael Love of Community Futures Big Country. Michael, intrigued by Liane's business model, was excited to introduce her to a variety of financing opportunities. Reflecting on her experience with Community Futures, Liane enthused, "They genuinely care about the people they serve, and they go above and beyond to ensure you're on the right track." She admired Michael's meticulous approach, his diligence, and his commitment to making decisions that were in the community’s best interest.

While each of Liane's locations is unique in their offerings, they are all committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment. Whether you’re looking for a gift, a reading, a cup of tea, or healing – you’ll find it at The Spirit Within. In addition to hand crafted goods, artwork, crystals, books, and cards, you will find an extraordinary community of healers and artisans. In addition to her roles as artist and business owner, Liane is a mentor, coach, and teacher. Her success comes from supporting those around her, empowering others to build successful businesses of their own. “The magic”, she says, “comes from inspiring what is deep within each person”.

Tea is always on, so when you’re in Drumheller, plan to visit.

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PO Box 610
181 Railway Ave. E.
Drumheller, AB   T0J 0Y0
P: 403-823-7703


Communities Served

Craigmyle, Delia, Drumheller, East Coulee, Finnegan, Michichi, Morrin, Nacmine, Pollockville, Richdale, Rosedale, Rowley, Rumsey, Scottfield, Sheerness, Sunnynook, Throne, Wayne