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Janice & Margo - Poor Sisters Market

Janice & Margo - Poor Sisters Market

Janice and Margo are the sisters behind Poor Sisters in Rosedale. Though it might be hard to find on maps, it’s easy to get to, and only minutes east of Drumheller, where they grew up. This isn’t Janice’s first career, far from it. She has worked in varied roles from emergency dispatch to eldercare. A common thread throughout her work has been looking after those around her. Janice studied holistic nutrition, with a special interest in using food for healing. She loves creating menus and caring for others through food.

After many years of living and working in Calgary, she was happy to return to the valley to be closer to family. When Covid hit, Janice was spending long hours helping seniors and their families navigate the pandemic, “the hardest year of my life”, she says. Fortuitously, a building in Rosedale became available as she was contemplating her next move. “It was meant to be”, Janice says, “I tried to walk away but it kept coming back to me!”

Today Poor Sisters is an eclectic restaurant and market where you’ll find hot meals, delicious baked treats, curated artwork, take and bake offerings, gluten-free goods, organic balms, cold drinks (for kids and grownups), and practical necessities like ice, jerky, and wood. All with an emphasis on keeping it local. It’s a gift store, a coffee shop, a catering company, a gallery, and a local hang out. Janice’s favourite part? “The people, you never know who will come through the door and I can’t believe how much I enjoy all of them.” As far as future plans, well, she has a few. She imagines a cooking school, long table dinners, kitchen rentals, a community kitchen, and meeting space. “I’d love to host seasonal markets”, she adds.

Community Futures Big Country played a big part in making Poor Sisters a reality. Janice reached out for help with her business plan and for guidance around loan requirements. “They led me through the phases, through filling out forms and figuring it all out. They were a huge help in having everything ready for the bank.” She knew of Community Futures and their services and had friends who had benefitted from their programs. She is grateful for the financial support and business guidance that made her dream a reality, and the check-ins that she continues to receive to ensure things stay on track. She is also grateful to be back in Drumheller working with her sister. The two recently hosted their mother’s 100th birthday celebration at Poor Sisters, the perfect venue for friends and family to gather, and the perfect opportunity for Janice to care for others through food!

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PO Box 610
181 Railway Ave. E.
Drumheller, AB   T0J 0Y0
P: 403-823-7703


Communities Served

Craigmyle, Delia, Drumheller, East Coulee, Finnegan, Michichi, Morrin, Nacmine, Pollockville, Richdale, Rosedale, Rowley, Rumsey, Scottfield, Sheerness, Sunnynook, Throne, Wayne